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Ethically-sourced, organic vegetables
dehydrated in the UK

Why choose Huxley Hound?

Better Than Raw

Our passion for helping dogs lead a happy, healthy life has resulted in us developing Huxley Hound. They are a range of nutritionally-rich, tasty vegetable snacks for dogs of all shapes and sizes, which can be eaten in addition to their regular diet.

All our vegetables are ethically-sourced and certified organic. We dehydrate them in the UK, so they are packed to the brim with loads of the nutrients and minerals your dog needs.

Made in Britain

100% organic
and traceable

Less than
1% Fat

Rich in vitamins
and minerals

and additive-free

Watch this space .. we will be back ...

Huxley Hound are taking a short break to implement some new changes to our manufacturing and ordering processes so we can continue to meet the demand for our tasty nutritious treats. We want to stay engaged with our amazing followers and continue our support for the many amazing organisations that we truly believe in. So you will see us on social media while we work hard in the background to put the new processes in place. Please do get in touch via if you want to contact us directly. Thanks for all of your support so far and we look forward to being back very soon.

Beetroot. At its best.

We take organic British beetroot and push the nutrients to the surface so each and every bite is full of deliciousness. Our snacks contain nutrients and minerals that promote a healthy heart and blood chemistry, and strengthen your dog’s immune system.

All carrot, no stick.

Organic British carrot, farmed in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, gently dehydrated to increase the concentration of antioxidants. The perfect treat if your dog has a sensitive tum, and, like all our snacks, they’re low in fat.

Parsnip perfection.

Made from 100% organic British parsnips, which have a very low glycaemic index, this tasty snack is ideal for dogs with high cholesterol or diabetes. Each 30g pack is a fantastic source of antioxidants and high in folates.

Super Sweet Potato.

Organic Sweet potato from Spain that’s processed in Yorkshire, our snacks are a great source of minerals (potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium) and rich in antioxidants. This firm favourite is sweet in flavour, yet still low in fat.



What is better than raw? +

Did you know that dogs can only extract minimal nutritional value from raw vegetables? That’s because they cannot break down the vegetable fibres that contain the nutrients. Working with leading universities and independent research bodies, Huxley Hound has sought to develop the optimum vegetable dehydration process. Put simply, this will unlock the essential nutrients in the organic vegetables we use in our products, additive free. This also means that Huxley Hound’s fully traceable, organic vegetable dog treats will contain five times the goodness of the raw vegetable equivalent, making ‘Better Than Raw™’ the ideal healthy treat for every dog.

Why organic? +

Pesticides are absorbed into the skin of fruit and vegetables. By choosing only certified organic produce, we can ensure that no unwanted chemicals find their way into your dogs diet.

Why traceable? +

Dogs can’t complain, so we believe it is imperative that we take food safety seriously. Our vegetables are planted, grown, harvested and prepared by the UK’s safest supplier of organic vegetables. Our suppliers’ standards are 5 times higher than industry best practice guidelines. So if there’s a problem, we know it can be traced and resolved quickly with no risk to our customers.

How many treats should I feed per day? +

We always suggest that you give treats in accordance to the diet that your dog follows. Whilst all of our treats are extremely low in fat this needs to be balanced with the other food and treats they are given during the day.

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