Your Questions Answered

What’s different about your snacks? +

Huxley Hound snacks differ to other treats because they contain purely dehydrated organic vegetables – nothing else. Our process makes sure your dog can get to the concentrated vegetable nutrition that they cannot get to from raw vegetables. The science bit … dogs are unlike humans in that they cannot break down the cellulose in plant matter that holds all of the nutrition. By gently dehydrating the vegetables, the structure changes so that the vitamins and minerals are presented in a way that dogs can digest them.

What are the nutritional benefits of dehydrated snacks? +

All of our products are naturally high in key vitamins and minerals that dogs need in a balanced diet. The treats are super chewy and super tasty! They are so nice in fact we eat them ourselves – just don’t tell the dogs! Dogs of all shapes and sizes can enjoy our treats – just tear them into smaller pieces for smaller dogs. The treats can be given to dogs on all diets – wet, dry and raw diets. However, we do not advise our treats for puppies under six months old.

Why organic and traceable? +

The process of dehydrating concentrates the vegetables. Therefore, if the vegetables are not organic, any unwanted chemicals and pesticides will also be concentrated. We can trace our vegetables back to the time of harvest – this means that we can be confident we know exactly where they came from and that all the goodness is preserved.

Where can I buy Huxley Hound snacks? +

You can get your regular supply of Huxley Hound treats from and in person at a growing number of independent pet shops. We also supply other on-line pet stores such as

How many treats are in your range? +

Huxley Hound Organic Treats come in four varieties at present –Carrot, Beetroot, Parsnip and Sweet Potato. We are currently working on some exciting new varieties.

How soon do the treats have to be eaten once opened? +

Once opened we recommend that the treats are resealed and should be used within 7 days.

Who has tested Huxley Hound snacks? +

We had over 650 dogs of 72 breeds all across the UK involved in our initial Taste Test in 2016. The number of breeds was very diverse ranging from St Bernard’s to Chihuahuas!

How many snacks should I feed per day? +

We always suggest that you give treats in accordance to the diet that your dog follows. Whilst all of our treats are extremely low in fat this needs to be balanced with the other food and treats they are given during the day.

Is your packaging recyclable? +

Wherever possible we aim to use recyclable packaging – please check pack for details.

Which countries do you deliver to? +

At present, we can deliver across the UK and within the EU.