Huxley and the Dragons


So what happens when Hound meets Dragon? Well, Huxley found out on Sunday as he entered the Den along with Mum and Dad. And the outcome was… success!

Huxley proudly led Mike and Zena into the Den to pitch Huxley Hound, Better Than Raw Organic Vegetable Treats for Dogs, to the Dragons before heading back down in the lift to watch the rest of the pitch with his paws crossed.

After a little hounding from the Dragons, Touker Suleyman, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones said the two infamous words every entrepreneur dreads to hear, ‘I’m out’. However, this didn’t dampen spirits and the two new Dragons, Jenny Campbell and Tej Lavlani, both took an interest in the Huxley Hound and they each made an offer. In the end, Mike and Zena decided to join forces with Jenny Campbell.

Some people may think it’s a barking mad idea to go on Dragons’ Den, but Mike and Zena weren’t put off and knew they would get an investment. After all, who could say no to little Huxley!?

The Dragons’ Den journey all began in 2016 when Mike and Zena began creating their own doggy snacks with a simple dehydrator in their kitchen. Huxley and Rolo tasted the treats and absolutely loved them. But Mike and Zena needed a second opinion, so they trialled the snacks on Huxley and Rolo’s friends. It was a positive result – they all couldn’t get enough of them. After this success with all the other dogs, they knew they were on to something new and unique. And so Huxley Hound was born.

A lot has happened since the early beginnings of one dehydrator in their kitchen. The duo now have a factory in Guildford and continue to work closely with organic growers, ensuring a clean production line that allows them to trace all of their snacks back to the precise date and location of harvest.

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